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FOG Warning: Protect Your Pipes from Fats, Oils and Grease!

Thanksgiving Greeting Twitter Post

  • Choose leaner meats at the grocery store
  • Steam vegetables instead of sauteing them
  • Instead of deep-frying, broil or roast your bird in the oven - or use the grill!
  • Measure cooking oil instead of free-pouring it
  • Use spray oils for minimal, more controlled use
  • Once you're done cooking, use leftover fat for future meals and re-purpose your cooking grease
  • If you don't want to reuse your grease, dump it into a cup or jar and throw it in the trash

After you've cooked your favorite holiday meal, keep in mind that fats, oils and grease NEVER belong in your plumbing system.

Even a small amount of oil dumped down the drain can build up over the years and wreak havoc on not only your drainage and sewer system, but your local water quality and environment.
When it doubt... Throw it out!

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