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Notice of Pre-Hearing Conference

Oct 07, 2021

A prehearing conference in the above-entitled matter is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 2 p.m. concerning Maryland Water Service, Inc.’s request for authority to revise and consolidate rates, charges, and tariff provisions for water and sewage disposal services.

At the pre-hearing conference, any preliminary matters, including the consideration of any petitions to intervene and the establishment of a procedural schedule, will be discussed. To participate in the pre-hearing conference, please send an email to by 12:00 Noon on October 26, 2021. For viewing only, the pre- hearing conference will also be livestreamed on the Public Utility Law Judge Division’s YouTube channel,

Petitions to intervene must be filed by October 25, 2021, and may be filed electronically through Commission’s website at or sent by first-class mail to the Commission’s Executive Secretary, Andrew S. Johnston, 6 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202-6806, referencing Case No. 9671. Pursuant to the Commission's March 13, 2020 Notice of Waiver and Relaxed Filing Requirements, no paper copies need be submitted if the filing is public in nature and no more than 25 pages long.

Full Notice of Pre-Hearing Conference

Notice of Requested Rate Adjustment

Oct 07, 2021
On Thursday, September 30, 2021, Maryland Water Service, Inc. (“MWS”) filed a request with the Maryland Public Service Commission seeking authority to increase its Maryland base distribution rates. MWS also requested approval for the consolidation of its water rates into uniform rate schedules for each customer class across all its water systems. In addition, MWS has proposed standardizing tariff terms and conditions across all such systems. MWS proposed an effective date of October 30, 2021, but the Commission has suspended the proposed rates for a period of 150 days from that date to allow it to conduct proceedings on justness and reasonableness of the proposed rate adjustment. 

Please click here to compare current rates that are in effect.

With Proposed Tariffs you can view here.

For Customers Paying By Mail-In Check: Expect USPS Delays

Oct 06, 2021
Please be aware of recent processing changes from the U.S. Postal Service that may result in longer First Class mail delivery times.

For customers who pay by check, your bill payment may now take a few days longer to post to your account than has been true in the past.

You can confirm that your payment has been credited to your account by visiting MyUtilityConnect at where you can also sign up for paperless billing. Thank you.