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Jun 10, 2021

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Attention Lakeview Customers:

Feb 24, 2021
The Lakeview BWA has been rescinded.  

Oakmont Customers

Feb 20, 2021
We have received clear sample results and the Oakmont BWA has been lifted. 


Feb 18, 2021
Freezing weather conditions still impacting our ability to provide service. 

  • Customers may experience loss of water pressure or a water outage due to extreme winter weather.
  • We have outstanding Boil Water Advisories in the following systems – North and South Country Pines, Lakeview, and Oakmont.  We expect these to remain in place until early next week.
  • North LA weather conditions remain unsafe.  No outages, but we are getting word that pressures are dropping.


  • We are struggling to maintain adequate pressure in our Country Pines system now that temperatures are above freezing, and customer lines are thawing out. 

We have Boil Water Advisories in the following systems: North and South Country Pines, Lakeview, and Oakmont. We expect these to remain in place until early next week.

North LA: Significant icing of the roads making travel unsafe. As of now we expect the status to remain until Friday afternoon. The following systems will be impacted:
• Hunter Heights
• Branch Crossing/Richland Heights
• Bayou Gallion
• Lakeview
• Mt Carmel – Maplewood
• Mt Carmel – Linden
• Mt Carmel – Cottonwood
• Woodland Acres
• Taylor/Mt Olive
• Mt. Moriah • Spillway • Paradise • Spruce • Joyce

West LA (Lake Charles, Lafayette, Opeloussas) will be essential operations through Thursday given subfreezing temperatures and additional rainfall/sleet. Similar to north LA the area continues to struggle with icy roads and unsafe travel conditions. The following systems will be impacted.
• Country Pines
• South Calcasieu Estates
• Victoria Acres
• Grand Prairie
• Royal Gardens
• Westgate
• Broadmoore
• Evangeline
• Kokomo
• North Mamou
• Eastside
• Poor Boy
• Theophile

Attention Louisiana Customers:

An outage may cause water pressure in parts of the water system serving your home to drop below acceptable levels. In these occurrences, we are required to issue a boil water advisory. All residents are advised as a precaution to “boil” all water prior to use for drinking, cooking, or preparing food. The water should be boiled for at least 2 minutes after reaching a rolling boil. Continue boiling water or using bottled water until you have been notified that the water quality in the system is safe for consumption.

Please use our My Utility Connect app/customer portal and sign up for Alert notifications through the app/customer portal. We will continue providing updates on the situation so please stay tuned.

Customers Encouraged to Check for Leaks

•  Leaks within customer pipes are currently the main factor causing low pressure within the distribution system. Please check if you are experiencing a leak. You can check your water meter to see if the dial is spinning – this will indicate possible leaks in the water line from your meter to your house or leaks inside or underneath the house.

• Dripping faucets are also causing loss of pressure within the system. Please turn off all running faucets once temperatures are above 32 degrees in your home.

• If leaks are identified, turn water off at the meter so pressure can be restored to the distribution system and the customer (or plumber) can make necessary repairs. Our shut off valve is usually located just on the utility side of the water meter and it might be in a separate box with a lid. If you do not have a shut off valve you may use the utility shut off valve.  You will need a tool such as pliers or an adjustable wrench to shut off our valve by turning it 90-degrees from its open position.

• These leaks are also causing extensive strain on the distribution system with the potential for damage to the wells which would cause significantly longer outages. We encourage all UIL customers to check for leaks and reach out if they are in need of assistance.