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Apr 15, 2021
The Commission's Rules and Regulation are provided below.
A. If a residential, commercial, industrial, or governmental customer believes that a significant volume of metered water is not discharged to the wastewater facilities, said user can, at its own expense and with approval from the Company, install such additional meters, metered services, or building sewer flow meters as required to establish the volume of metered water not discharged to the wastewater facilities or the actual volume of wastewater discharged to the wastewater facilities. Metered water that is not discharged to the wastewater facilities shall not be subject to sewer service charges.
B. All requests to install additional water meters, meter services, or building sewer meters shall be made in writing to the Company. The request shall clearly state the reasons why the customer believes these facilities are needed and shall include a detailed description of the facilities proposed. No water meters, meter services, or building sewer meters may be installed without written approval from the Company.
C. All building sewer meters shall be installed by a licensed plumber while a representative of the Company is present to observe and inspect said installation. Only Company-approved building sewer meters will be allowed. All deduct water meters and meter couplings shall be furnished by the Company. All costs for the installation of the meters shall be at the expense of the customer requiring the meter.
D. Backflow prevention device required. All buildings connected to the Company's private water supply shall be equipped with backflow prevention devices, as designated by the Company's representative. All such devices shall meet the State of Indiana requirements and shall be installed within 30 days of written notice to the owner of such property to correct such deficiency. In addition, there shall be a backflow device installed when there is a deduct meter installed. The type of device is determined by Indiana State Plumbing codes; at a minimum, the device will need to be a testable device. The costs for this device, installation, and annual testing shall be borne by the customer.