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Utility Services of Illinois, Inc. Announces Continuation of Suspended Cutoff

Jun 26, 2020

Bill Payment Options Pursuant to Illinois Commerce Commission Orders

Chicago, IL (June 25, 2020) – On March 10, 2020, it was announced that affiliates of the Corix Group of Companies, which includes Utility Services of Illinois, Inc. (“USI”), was suspending water service shutoffs for delinquent payments in all its U.S. and Canadian business units, effective immediately. Additionally, the company began reconnecting service to those customers who were currently not receiving water service due to lack of payment on delinquent accounts.

When our customers’ personal safety and their communities depend on proper sanitation, the company felt it was a simple decision. Handwashing, surface cleaning and all other measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 were and remain dependent on a safe and reliable source of potable water.

The Illinois Commerce Commission (“ICC”) has announced an agreement with utilities throughout the state that will offer consumers protection initiatives that help eligible utility customers continue to receive life-saving electric, gas, water and sewer services, once the moratorium on disconnections for non-payment and late payment fees expires. Last Thursday, the ICC voted unanimously in favor of a stipulated agreement negotiated by ICC Staff, the Attorney General’s Office, other consumer advocate groups, and the state’s largest utilities offering temporary, more flexible credit and collection procedures to customers financially impacted by COVID-19. USI is pleased to be part of this important agreement. USI customers who were disconnected for non-payment or are currently disconnected for non-payment should contact a customer service representative at 800-831-2359 to get their water reconnected and discuss their eligibility for Deferred Payment Arrangements and bill pay assistance.

“We are committed to supporting the communities and customers that we serve to ensure our customers have access to clean potable water,” said Steve Lubertozzi, President of Utility Services of Illinois, Inc. “Also, we are offering extended Deferred Payment Arrangements for customers impacted by COVID-19 and waiving any reconnection fees for certain customers.”

The ICC press release can be found here.