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UIF Signals Growth with New Longwood Facilities

Jul 16, 2018

Altamonte Springs, FL – Utilities Inc. of Florida (“UIF”) is excited to announce the opening of its new facilities in Longwood.

Maintaining healthy, safe communities requires an abundance of clean water. Representing an initial capital investment of $21 million in the last 5 years, the Longwood projects (e.g., completing a new surge tank, head works, and maintenance building) strengthens UIF’s commitment to provide the infrastructure necessary to support Florida’s ongoing growth.

The newly completed projects provide capacity for improved water and wastewater services as well as a more technologically advanced field office benefiting UIF’s customers. The company will invest an additional $5 million to continue upgrading Longwood’s facilities over the next two years and an estimated $50 million across the statewide service area in a larger 5-year initiative. Replacing aging water infrastructure is an investment in the needs of both current and future Florida residents.

Offering comparatively cost-effective rates, UIF recognizes its essential role as a water provider. “UIF is proud to be a part of the Seminole County community. We look forward to continued capital investment in the infrastructure to deliver quality service to the families and businesses of Seminole County,” commented John Hoy, President.


About Utilities Inc. of Florida: Utilities Inc. of Florida provides safe, reliable and cost-effective service to customers across Florida while acting with integrity and protecting the environment. We are focused on making an impact by not only serving communities throughout Florida but being an active partner in those communities.

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    Longwood Facility Photos

    Click for a closer look at our Longwood facility improvements. From top to bottom:

  • New maintenance building
  • New surge tank
  • New head works
  • New office
7.10.18 new Sanlando maintinence building

7.10.18 new Sanlando surge tank (1)1

7.10.18  new Sandlando head works1

7.10.18 new Sanlando office1


Chris Snow Named Director of External Affairs - Will Lead Community Outreach

Jun 20, 2018


Altamonte Springs, FL – The President of Utilities Inc. of Florida (“UIF”), John Hoy, announced that Chris Snow has joined the company as the new Director of External Affairs. “We are thrilled to have Chris join our team to oversee community outreach,” Hoy commented. “His background in community affairs, business development and government relations are an excellent match with the current needs of UIF.”

Prior to joining UIF, Snow served several roles, including Senior Director of Government Relations and Business Development, over a decade for the quasi-government entity Space Florida.   During this time his role was as the main point of contact for both federal and state government relations, community outreach across the state, capture of critical finance agreements, business development, project management, and oversaw state and federal contract lobbyists.  He also worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC before becoming the Government Relations Manager for the American Medical Group Association (AMGA).

He received his B.S. in Social Science, with a focus in public policy and political science, from Florida State University’s College of Social Sciences and Public Policy.

In closing Hoy added “I am confident Chris will have an immediate impact on our continued commitment to customer service and stakeholder relations in Florida.”

Why #Water is the Secret to Better Health and Less Stress

Jun 13, 2018


Did you know only 20% of adults get as much exercise as they should? If you want to feel your best, both mentally and physically, you’ve gotta get up and around – heat and humidity be darned.

It's well-known that most U.S. adults fall short of physical activity recommendations, said Heather Hausenblas, a professor of kinesiology at Jacksonville University in Florida. But once people make exercise routine, they may also notice a "host of psychological benefits," such as feeling more energized and less stressed.

So how can water help keep you refreshed and ready for activity? Here’s a quick list of hot-weather tips for working out, cooling off and staying healthy with H2O.  

            1: Drink Up – When the temperature goes up, so should your water intake. Bring water to your workouts in a refillable bottle; sip it even if you aren’t super thirsty. Frequent water breaks allow your body to replenish the fluids lost to sweat, preventing dehydration, fatigue and light headedness. Cold water lowers your body temperature so you can stay cool as a cucumber. If you’re planning a particularly long workout, rotate in sports drinks, or fruit juice diluted with water, for a boost of sodium and carbohydrates.

            2: Pool Party – Regular swimming is a great way to sooth your muscles and build strength and endurance. Even aquatic exercises, like water aerobics or water running, give you a wonderful workout without the strain of impact. If you need another reason to dive in, it’s recommended that all children 4 and older take swimming lessons to reduce the risk of drowning. And if you’re a swimming novice yourself, it’s never too late to learn! Always practice safety around water with family members young and old.  

            3: Beach Body – Working out at the beach is great: it’s a free gym with all the fitness equipment you need! Mother Nature’s water, sand and sunshine help burn through the calories, getting you in the best shape of your life while everyone else sunbathes. Training in the sand can improve agility and flexibility, and the resistance of ocean water helps build hip and core strength. Just make sure you’re aware of how to recognize and avoid rip currents – when the surf gets rough, it’s no match for even the most experienced swimmers.

           4: Keep it Cool – Have a plan for summer’s hottest days: know how to limit your outdoor exposure and plan your movements for the cooler parts of the day (early morning and evening). In addition to sunscreen, wear a hat or even carry an umbrella to block the sun’s harmful rays. Listen to your body when it feels thirsty and choose foods that are high in water content: different fresh fruits, salads and ice treats are refreshing and hydrating. If you’re going out on the town, keep the water flowing all night long – alternate between one alcoholic beverage and a tall glass of water. Experts even say that adding a bit of water to your whiskey can accentuate its depth of flavor.

            5: Just Relax! –  “Be like water” said Bruce Lee (and Kanye West). Throughout history humans have turned to water for its healing and restorative powers. According to Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist, “We are beginning to learn that our brains are hardwired to react positively to water and that being near it can calm and connect us, increase innovation and insight, and even heal what’s broken.” Next time you’re at the beach, put down your phone and prepare to be soothed: allow the sound of waves breaking on shore to clear your mind as you take deep breaths of salty ocean air. Water is the source of all life on Earth; entering into a meditative state at the beach is only natural.  

Every living thing needs water to thrive. Click here to learn more about water conservation and how you can join us in protecting this resource for future generations.

Florida, It's #TimetoBuild: Why Our Water Is Worth It

May 18, 2018

Looking around, it’s easy to see when certain infrastructure systems need repair: a rusty bridge here; a bumpy, pothole-filled road there. With water infrastructure, however, the problem is often “out of sight, out of mind.”   

It’s time to dig a little deeper. Aging water infrastructure drains the economy as well as the water supply. While service crews rush to fix main breaks, water-reliant businesses lose thousands of dollars for each day of disrupted service. While politicians and policy-makers debate on how to move forward, American families continue leaning on strained, outdated water systems – most built in the years following World War II.

We shouldn’t have to wait for something to go wrong. The pipes beneath our feet allow households, industries and businesses to rely on clean, safe water every day. The value of this service typically goes unnoticed until there’s an emergency. The accumulated cost of inaction is much higher than the price of ongoing maintenance, foresight and precaution.

“Failing to fix, modernize, and build 21st century infrastructure is making our lives and communities more vulnerable, and has profound implications for our long term economic competitiveness. The future won't wait. Neither can we. It's time to build," said Zach Schafer, Executive Director of Infrastructure Week.

Join us today in supporting clean water infrastructure investment. Click to learn more about the value of water, and follow us on Twitter for more daily updates. We look forward to continuing the conversation and connecting with more of our customers. 

Fix a Leak Every Week

Apr 19, 2018

Take the 10 Minute WaterSense Challenge and use the checklist to detect and chase down leaks. Many common household leaks are quick to find and easy to fix - worn toilet flappers, dripping faucets, and leaking showerheads all are easily correctable and can save on your utility bill expenses and water in your community.

Visit our Water Conservation page for more tips to help cut back on water waste.