This is just a reminder that in the highly unlikely event that we ever need to enter a customer’s home, the customer would receive a phone notification to arrange an appointment. These phone notifications would never seek personal information. Additionally, our field staff are always in uniforms and company vehicles, both with the Utilities, Inc. logo prominently displayed. We are a professional company and operate like one!  If you have any questions about our field staff or a phone call you’ve received from us, please call us at 1-800-272-1919.


Utilities, Inc.

Utilities, Inc. provides high-quality water and wastewater services to approximately 300,000 customers throughout the United States. We offer our services to homes, businesses, new developments, commercial enterprises, and any project—large or small—requiring innovative new water and wastewater systems, system upgrade solutions, or expert water and wastewater system management.

Our People—Our Greatest Asset

Utilities, Inc. is comprised of 400 dedicated, skilled people who are the key to our success. Every day, their commitment, ethics, knowledge, and customer focus help us effectively deliver comprehensive water and wastewater services. Utilities, Inc. was formed in 1965 by a skilled group of people—and to this day, our people remain our greatest asset.

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Superior Quality.

We are dedicated to the purity and safety of our water supply and provide our services in the safest, most environmentally sound manner possible. We believe in promoting responsible water use and sustainable water practices to enhance the overall quality of our lives and meet our country’s future water needs.

Efficient Operations.

We are committed to peak performance in all facets of our operations. We are accountable, results-oriented, and determined to provide cost-effective solutions for our customers by improving productivity, setting standards, and embracing new technologies.

Exceptional Service.

We consider customer service excellence one of our core competencies. Driven by a staunch dedication to customer satisfaction, we respond quickly and intelligently to concerns and requests, and serve as an educational resource for water news, information, and advocacy.